March 2011

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  • Family Ties

    Our hearing is affected by many things including noise-exposure, age, health, exposure to ototoxic medications (medicine toxic to hearing) as well as, for lack of a better term, just the way we were made.  Genetics play a role in approximately 60% of those diagnosed with hearing loss.  30% of those diagnosed with genetic hearing loss will be syndromic (accompanied by other characteristics such as blindness) and 30% will be non-syndromic (hearing loss is the only characteristic.) 

  • Function of Novel Molecule That Underlies Human Deafness Revealed

    ScienceDaily (Jan. 24, 2011) — New research from the University of Sheffield has revealed that the molecular mechanism underlying deafness is caused by a mutation of a specific microRNA called miR-96. The discovery could provide the basis for treating progressive hearing loss and deafness. The research team, led by Dr Walter Marcotti, Royal Society University […]

  • Special Bay Area performance of Randy Rutherford!

    Come check out the amazing singer-storyteller Randy Rutherford at the Marsh Arts Center in Berkeley.  Randy’s musical memoir of his own battle with congenital hearing loss will both grip and inspire you.  His show, Singing at the Edge of the World is worth every moment of your time!  Shows run from March 10th – April 16th.  Cllick […]