September 2011

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  • Hearing Devices Can Help Improve Quality of Life

    A recent research study conducted by the Better Hearing Institute revealed that today’s advanced hearing aids are helping the majority of people with hearing loss regain their quality of life and become more socially involved. In the study 2,000 hearing aid users were surveyed from across the United States and it was found that 8 out of 10 hearing aid users are satisfied with the changes in their quality of life specifically caused by their hearing aids.

  • Eliminating Costs of Hearing Aids Increases Purchases

    Would more people purchase hearing aids if they were less expensive? It may surprise you to learn that the answer is no. Researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital found that reduced hearing aid cost does not make it more likely for individuals to purchase hearing aids at a younger age or when their hearing loss is less severe. The study compared patients that had either full insurance coverage, partial insurance coverage or had to cover the entire cost out of pocket (private pay).