June 2014

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  • Men’s Hearing Health

    Hearing Loss & Other Health Issues Men of all ages need to pay attention to their hearing health. The number of younger men with hearing loss is increasing. And the body of evidence that hearing loss is linked to other health concerns is growing. More and more researchers are finding that hearing loss is associated […]

  • Fire Safety for the Hard of Hearing

    The changing of the seasons often reminds homeowners that it is time to do cleaning, chores, and check alarm batteries. Most importantly it is time to check the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure that they are in working order. While you are doing these tasks, take a moment to think about […]

  • How To Assess Your Hearing Loss In 3 Questions

    Many people struggle with the constant battle of having a hard time hearing people around them. They tend to brush it off because perhaps it was loud in the restaurant or they had just gotten back from a loud concert. However, what about the moments when you miss your wife calling your name in the […]