November 2014

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  • Why Lyric Hearing Aids Are Right for You!

    If you didn’t know, we are hosting a special event in honor of Lyric hearing aids at Whisper Hearing Center. These hearing aids are a great choice for so many suffering from hearing loss. That’s why we wanted to do our best to feature these quality hearing aids. If you have never heard of Lyric […]

  • Why You Should Avoid Purchasing Discount Hearing Aids

    Making the first steps into buying your first brand new hearing aid can be overwhelming if you are not in the right hands. You know you have hearing loss, you know about the different types of hearing aids, you know some have Bluetooth, some don’t, but at the end of the day you’re not sure […]

  • Understanding and Protecting Your Hearing

    The ability to hear is a gift. It’s something to value and protect. After all, anyone can lose their hearing at any time in life. While many things outside our control can cause hearing loss, one thing over which we do have some control is noise. Noise causes hearing loss. Yet, every day you can […]

  • How Hearing Loss Treatment Could Improve Alzheimer’s Symptoms

    Hearing loss can greatly compromise the quality of life for so many who leave it untreated. Even mild hearing loss can have quite the effect on a person. Audiologists always stress the importance of early hearing loss treatment, and for good reason too. Now, new studies are showing that many early Alzheimer’s disease symptoms are […]