May 2015

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  • Protecting Your Hearing Aids During Summer

    How to Protect Your Hearing Aid on Summer Vacation

    Summer vacation is right around the corner! The kids get out of school and you are probably starting to plan summer 15’ family vacation. Chances are your family vacation will put you on a beach in the Caribbean or a calming lake in the middle of nature. Both of these scenarios bring up similar concerns […]

  • Ototoxic Drugs and Hearing Loss

    What are Ototoxic Drugs?

    Medicine meant to make one part of our body healthier can often have overlooked side effects. This is the case with many antibiotics which fall under the category of ototoxic drugs. The term ototoxic means that the drug is toxic to the ear and the nerve supply that helps the ear function. Learning more about […]

  • Celebrating-Better-Hearing-and-Speech-Month-2015

    Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month 2015

    Did you know that there is a month dedicated just to educating people about protecting their hearing and ability to communicate? That month just so happens to be May! Spreading public awareness for hearing protection and hearing loss treatment is something everyone can participate in by speaking to their friends and loved ones about hearing […]