July 2015

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    When Dad Lost His Hearing

    The attached article from www.washingtonpost.com is author Charlotte Yeh’s personal account of her father’s hearing loss.  It’s a very good read.  After reading the article, Andrew Valla Au.D.  added an important recommendation: If one knows of or has hearing loss, the first step is to talk with their doctor and get a referral to an Audiologist! http://wapo.st/1CBxJX9

  • Age and Speech Recognition

    How Age Effects Speech Recognition

    It is common knowledge that aging affects how well we can hear the things happening around us. The first sign of hearing loss is struggling to hear high pitched sounds, meaning women’s voices or childrens voices become especially hard. This struggle to hear also crosses over into other social events such as going out to […]

  • Hearing Aids and Looping Systems

    Hearing Aid Technology: What is a Looping System?

    Hearing aid technology has come leaps and bounds further from where it was even just 10 years ago. Hearing aids are now much more user friendly, they can be connected to other devices, and the quality of sounds delivered to the user has vastly improved.One of the great ways hearing devices have improved is through […]

  • Unbeatable Whisper Team!

    Whisper Team at CCHAT fundraiser!

    Whisper Hearing Center Audiologists and Assistants were represented….and apparently ready for action at a charity event for the CCHAT preschool!  CCHAT Center Sacramento is a unique auditory/oral school whose mission is to teach children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing to listen and develop spoken language.  Thank you to the Whisper team for volunteering at this event and […]