August 2015

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  • Hearing Loss Survey

    Survey Shows Seniors Often Ignore Hearing Loss

    Getting treatment for hearing loss as early as possible is one way to both prevent further damage to the ear and to prevent any secondary ailments associated with hearing loss. Despite this, many seniors ignore getting their hearing checked when they start feeling signs of hearing loss. A new study shows that this is the […]

  • Promoting Hearing Health at the Workplace

    Why Should Employers Promote Hearing Health?

    Hearing health should be a priority for any company or organization that offers employee benefits. It is common for larger companies to offer a benefits program that offers discounts on gym memberships or even has a program for discounted health insurance if you attend a gym. So Why isn’t this the case for those who […]

  • Reasons to Protect your Hearing: What’s Your Reason?

    5 Good Reasons to Protect Your Hearing & Treat Hearing Loss: What’s Your Reason? There’s a world full of reasons to protect your hearing and treat hearing loss. We came up with five. What’s your reason? 1) The Beatles: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – 2) The pitter-patter of rain to lull you to […]