August 2016

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  • Hearing Loss and Airports

    Hearing Loss, Airports, and Loop Systems

    Getting to the airport is nerve wracking enough by itself, but when you also have a disability, or hearing impairment it can become even more stressful. Are you expected to take out your hearing aids for the scanners? Did you just miss that important announcement over the loud speakers about a change in gate? We […]

  • Capture 2

    3 Ways New Hearing Aids Are Different Than Older Hearing Aids

    If you are new to hearing aids, you are probably familiar with the talk that surrounded hearing aids years ago. Older models didn’t have the technology of today, which means there were plenty of complaints from hearing aid users. Thankfully technology has only continued to improve making the hearing aids of today, a huge improvement […]

  • 2016 Olympics with Hearing Loss

    Olympic Athletes Who Didn’t Let Hearing Loss Stop Them

    The 2016 Olympics are upon us and that means there will be exciting programming on the TV for the next few weeks. The Olympics always bring to light stories of hard work and hardship to get to where these elite athletes are, whether economically, personally, or physically. Did you also know that a few of […]