You’ve Lost Your Hearing Aid, Now What?

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The feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’ve lost something is absolutely dreadful. When it is your hearing aid that’s been lost the feeling can be even worse. It’s hard not to panic when your hearing device goes missing but if you know some steps to follow to retrace your path. If you can stay calm and clear-headed chances are you’ll remember where you had your hearing aid last and will be able to recover it in no time. Here are some steps to follow to help you find your lost hearing aid.

  • First, think about what you did the day you lost your hearing aid. Run through your entire routine and think about anything you did differently. Did you go to lunch or to the movies? Did your hearing aid battery die? Did you remove your hearing aid at the gym? Retracing your steps will help you determine the last time you had it so you know where to start looking. Be sure to call any businesses to see if they found a lost hearing aid and don’t forget to check your pockets or couch cushions too!
  • Do you have an Apple smartphone compatible hearing aid? You may have a feature on your iPhone to find your lost hearing aid. Simply open your app and use the find my hearing aid feature. If you are unsure if your hearing aid can be located via your hearing aid app on your smartphone, you can call your hearing care provider to ask. It is also worth asking about getting a hearing aid that is compatible with a smartphone for this purpose too!
  • Determine if your hearing aid is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or your extended warranty for cases of loss. Many times the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty will cover one case of loss or theft, some may even cover a longer period of time. You can call your hearing aid specialist to help determine what your warranty covers. You can also ask about any extended warranties available to help guarantee that your hearing aid will be replaced if it is lost.

Losing a hearing aid doesn’t have to be life-halting if you have a plan of action to follow. Remember to stay calm and most importantly, retrace your steps. The hearing professionals at Whisper Hearing can also help you understand your hearing aid warranty if you need assistance in replacing your hearing aid as well. Give us a call to learn more or to set up a hearing loss screening in one of our convenient locations.

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