How To Improve Your Hearing

  1. Tips on How to Improve your Hearing

Most cases of hearing loss are permanent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t actively take steps towards protecting your hearing prior to changes in hearing ability. Believe it or not, you can improve your hearing in some cases! If you are looking for some easy, day-to-day tips on how to improve your hearing, here are a few things that you can do to help.

One daily activity you can do to improve your hearing is exercise. Yes, that is right, even just two hours a week can help improve your hearing. In 2013 research published in the American Journal of Medicine showed that people who walked on average two hours a week, had a lower risk of hearing loss than people who did not walk as much and who had a larger waist line. Doctors believe that exercise helps increase blood flow to the ear which helps keep the important inner ear hair cells healthy thus leading you away from hearing loss. Another way to improve your hearing is to avoid cigarette smoke, even secondhand smoke. Did you know that smokers are almost 30% more likely to develop hearing loss compared to nonsmokers? Again, researchers believe there is a connection between blood flow and hearing loss, as nicotine and carbon monoxide reduce oxygen levels in blood. With poorly oxygenated blood and reduced blood flow, those important hair cells in your ear can easily become damaged, leading to permanent hearing loss.  Another simple way to improve your hearing is to turn down the volume on your accessories, especially when you are using earbud headphones. Noise induced hearing loss affects about 26 million Americans and it is caused by listening to music and television too loudly, but it can also be from noises around you such as traffic, construction, and sporting event crowds. You can prevent noise induced hearing loss by reducing the amount of time you spend using earbud headphones and using ear protection when you know you will be exposed to large, noisy settings.

Now that you’ve got a few tips on how to improve hearing, you’re already off to a good start! Most of these tips will also help improve other areas of your life, so you get multiple benefits from a few simply activities. The best way to ensure that your hearing is healthy is to get it checked regularly for any abnormalities. This is easily done at one of our office locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area and Greater Sacramento area. Find our locations here and call us to schedule your next hearing evaluation.

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