How Moisture Can Affect Your Hearing Aid

  1. How Moisture Affects Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are your lifeline in times of need, like at work or crowded events. It is important to know if your hearing aid can withstand water or even slight moisture, as some models are not made to be water resistant. Moisture can easily damage a hearing aid if not properly taken care of in a timely fashion. Some hearing aids are even sensitive to human sweat.  If you do not have a water resistant or more durable hearing aid there are a few hearing aid accessories that you may find extremely helpful in keeping your hearing aid dry and safe!

There are a few ways to prevent moisture from damaging your hearing aids here are the most common tools to help keep your hearing aid protected from moisture.

  • Hearing aid tubing air blower
  • Hearing aid drying jar
  • hearing aid conditioning system
  • Hearing aid dehumidifiers (in the same family of product as the conditioning system)
  • Hearing aid cleaning tools

Remember when you clean your hearing aid to never run it under water or expose the hearing aid to a damp rag. Always use a dry cloth to wipe away any build up or have your hearing care professional clean it for you to ensure your hearing aid has a long life!

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