Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing Loss in Children

Whisper Hearing Center provides a wide range of pediatric audiology services for children age 3 and up. Hearing is essential to language development. The best possible auditory support is vital to babies and children diagnosed with hearing loss.

Persons who acquire hearing loss later in life have the advantage of already knowing language. They can better fill in missing pieces of auditory information caused by hearing loss. A child born hearing loss or one who acquires hearing loss before using spoken language is at a great disadvantage.

Babies and children must have access to all sounds in the speech spectrum in order to properly learn expressive (spoken) language. Extended bandwidth hearing aids ensure the reproduction of high-frequency sounds and support well-rounded speech and language development.

Noise and distance complicate communication for all persons with hearing loss. This is especially true for children who spend a great deal of their time surrounded by ambient noise in classrooms, lunch rooms and on the playgrounds. The teacher is often speaking to them at a distance that is too far away for a hearing aid microphone to pick up effectively.

In addition to hearing devices, assistive listening devices such as FM systems are very helpful for children. These devices help combat the interference of noise and distance. Such a device consists of a microphone typically worn on the lapel of the speaker (parent/teacher/caregiver) and a wireless receiver that attaches to the child’s hearing aid(s).

If your child has a hearing loss, choose a pediatric hearing care professional who is will work closely with you, your child and other service providers.  The hearing care professionals at Whisper Hearing Center have extensive pediatric audiology experience. A comprehensive plan and integration of care among hearing care professionals, physicians, speech pathologists and teachers is recommended for children with hearing loss.

Pediatric hearing loss can be overwhelming for a family with no prior experience with hearing loss. The vocabulary, technology, educational support and early intervention systems require parents and care-providers to transverse a steep learning curve.  There are many resources to help parents navigate this new area.

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A pediatric hearing care professional like those at Whisper Hearing Center help parents get connected with the resources unique to their needs and the needs of their child. Please call us now toll-free at 888-986-4327 for more information about hearing loss in children or to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric hearing care professionals.

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