Selecting a Hearing Aid

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Unitron Shine Hearing Aids

No one type or brand of hearing aid is appropriate for every type of hearing loss. Personal preference, degree and type of hearing loss, manual dexterity, and the areas that need improvement all influence your choice of hearing aid.

Comparing hearing aids can be complicated, because there are so many brands and styles. The Hearing Care Professionals at Whisper Hearing Center have thoroughly researched the hearing devices available. They will discuss your hearing issues with you, examine your hearing, and prescribe the right solution. The hearing care professionals at Whisper Hearing offer some tips for when you’re choosing a hearing aid.

When researching hearing aids, be sure to consider these important points:

  • Many retailers offer “private label” hearing aids, such as Intel-A-Hear, Audibel, Miracle Ear, and Beltone. These retailers may limit you to one brand and a few models. The technology may not be the latest available.
  • Don’t base your choice of a hearing device on claims of huge savings over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Compare the quality of audiological care and service, technology and price. In most cases, Whisper Hearing Center’s regular prices are comparable or lower than our competitions’ advertised “special price” for the same or a similar hearing aid model.
  • A clinic that offers multiple brands and models enables you to find the right hearing aid for your needs.

Need help selecting the right hearing aid? The hearing care professionals at Whisper Hearing can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a Whisper Hearing audiologist, call us toll-free at 888-986-4327.