Understanding Hearing Aid Warranties

Hearing aids are a life changing purchase. They are a necessity for the users who wear them for a happier and more productive life, so they should be treated with care. Since most if not all hearing aid users wear their units every single day, it is important to understand what warranty your hearing aid comes with upon purchase. Many hearing aids come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, but you should always ask your doctor about warranties when purchasing your hearing aid, just to be sure.

Hearing Aid Warranty_Whisper HearingA general 1 year warranty from most hearing aid manufacturers covers general wear and tear type of accidents, repairs, and sometimes total loss. Some hearing centers, like Whisper Hearing also offer risk free trials with a hearing aid so you can truly test whether or not it works for you. Always be sure to ask what your hearing aid specialists office offers in terms of any extended warranties, as not all places will offer the same benefits.  Outside of the warranty offered by the hearing aid manufacturer, many hearing aid doctors offices, insurance companies, and specialty insurance companies(outside of traditional health insurance) will offer extended warranties as well. Warranty coverage will also vary based on the type of hearing aid you have behind-the-ear hearing aids may not have the same coverage options as completely-in-the-canal hearing aid.

Who can benefit from extended hearing aid insurance? The answer isn’t any one type of person, as accidents happen to everyone. However, for parents of hearing impaired children extended warranties can be a huge help in case of loss or damage. On the flip side, even the most careful adults can also benefit from an extended warranty, especially if you depend on your hearing aids for daily activities. All it takes is your hearing aid slipping out of your hand and into the tub, full sink, or swimming pool for your hearing aid to be beyond repair.

Here are some resources that you can look at to better understand both manufacturer and extended warranties for your hearing aid:

When you come to visit us for your next hearing exam, if you have any questions about your hearing aid warranty, feel free to ask your hearing specialist during your appointment, They can help walk you through the benefits of your warranty and your options for extending a warranty. Simply contact us to schedule your next appointment.