Hearing Aid Features

What to look for in Hearing Aid Features

Innovative hearing aid features can improve even the most challenging hearing loss conditions:

  • Tinnitus management addresses ringing in the ears and the hearing loss that often accompanies tinnitus.
  • Speech enhancement minimizes noise and enhances speech in challenging environments.
  • Bluetooth incorporates binaural and digital wireless communication to provide a more natural sound quality.

The following advanced hearing aid technology also makes it possible to hear more clearly and comfortably:

Automatic Adjustments

Greatly reduces the need for a program button or volume. When you move from a quiet to a noisy environment, the hearing aid automatically optimizes your comfort and speech clarity.

Binaural (Both ears) Synchronization

This allows hearing aids to act as a single system, imitating the way ears with normal hearing work as a team and improving the understanding of speech.


Bluetooth technology uses a small accessory to hear someone on your cell or regular telephone phone through your hearing aids. Your hearing aids can also connect wirelessly to your TV, PC, MP3 player, or another Bluetooth-compatible device.


This makes soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable.

Directional Microphones

This hearing aid feature helps improve your ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise. Increasing the loudness of voices in front of you and minimizing the loudness of voices behind you helps you hear in noisy environments.

Enhanced Bandwidth

This enables music enjoyment through enhanced low-frequency bandwidth, while extended high-frequency speakers extend output beyond that of traditional hearing aids.

Feedback Cancellation Systems

These systems help eliminate or minimize the feedback or whistling noise caused when sound coming from a hearing aid’s speaker is picked up by its microphone.  A good fit and the right hearing aid prevent feedback, but whistling can occur when a hand or the telephone is placed over the ear.

Frequency Transposition

This hearing aid feature shifts high pitched sounds, such as children’s voice’s, birdsong, and some musical notes, to an audible area, allowing them to be heard  for people with severe high-frequency hearing loss.

Multiple Channels

They allow the hearing care professional to tune a hearing aid to target the areas of hearing loss where you need the most help.

Multiple Memory/Programs

This offers multiple settings to optimize the performance of your hearing aids whether in a large auditorium or smaller, quieter setting. Some hearing aids switch to the appropriate program automatically. Others require you to press a button.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction helps you hear conversation in noisy environments by minimizing background noise and enhancing speech. Noise reduction makes social interaction easier because it’s easier to hear speech more clearly and comfortably. It recognizes subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds.

Speech Enhancement

The Speech enhancement hearing aid feature recognizes the subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds, reducing noise and enhancing speech.


Telecoil hearing aid technology helps you hear speech on the telephone (and is an automatic feature in some hearing aid models.)  Just hold the phone to your ear, and the hearing aid automatically switches to phone mode. Look for a cell or regular phone with a “T” rating.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus management is an exciting new technology to help aid in relaxation and manage ringing in the ears (tinnitus). Computer generated tones, music or noise that help with stress reduction, improved concentration and relief from tinnitus.

Verbal Messaging System

This hearing aid feature helps provide clear, verbal messages that tell you which hearing aid program is in use, when it’s time to change a battery,  or other important information. These messages are available in different languages or in a male or female voice.

Volume Control

This enables manual and/or automatic adjustment of sound level.

Wind Reduction

Wind reduction hearing aid technology reduces or eliminates wind noise. When wind noise is picked up by the microphone of the hearing aid, the sound is unpleasant.

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