Oticon Agil Hearing Aid

The Oticon Agil offers people with hearing impairments better hearing with reduced cognitive effort. Oticon brings new excitement to watching TV, restaurants, sporting events, and even to concerts because now you can easily participate in conversations that take place. No more feeling isolated and excluded from social settings. That is why the hearing care professionals at Whisper Hearing are proud to offer the Oticon Agil hearing aid.

Oticon Agil Hearing Aid

Agil raises the bar for superior quality hearing aids. It brings together the newest hearing aid technology and style features to help users hearing better with less effort.  This revolutionary hearing aid uses signal processing and wireless features that enable it to perform at the highest level of clarity.

Oticon Agil Hearing Aids

Oticon makes a clear sense of hearing easy and eliminates the struggle that so many hearing aid users are all too familiar with. Agil is available in two models, the basic Agil and the Agil Pro. The basic Agil model includes Connect Plus and Speech Guard, while the Agil Pro includes all three of the technologies-Spatial Sound 2.0, Speech Guard, and Connect Plus. With different styles available to fit any lifestyle, make the choice to finally live your life in surround sound. Allow yourself to discover a whole new world of better hearing with Oticon Agil. Learn more about some of the features and benefits of the Agil hearing aid:

Spatial Sound 2.0 supports the brain’s natural process of understanding speech by using a Binaural Noise Management System that mimics the brain’s natural ability to focus on where to listen. It prioritizes the ear with the better signal when there is loud noise to one side. It can then apply more noise reduction to the instrument on the noisy side. It helps the brain organize where sound is coming from in any given setting. Now you can focus on the person speaking directly to you instead of struggling with background noise.

Speech Guard is a dual analysis signal processing technology that continuously evaluates incoming sound signals BEFORE they are amplified. Speech Guard will help automatically adjust the volume in your hearing device so you can feel comfortable in every social setting no matter how loud.

The Connect Plus system works alongside the easy to use Oticon streamer and Connectline accessories. Users can connect easily to the telephone, television, music players, etc. and listen effortlessly to their loved ones, favorite television show, or music. Connect plus offers user enhanced sound quality and adds the perception of depth and spaciousness to streamed sound.

Agil will transform the way you live your life.

If you are interested in getting more information about the Agil hearing aid device, please contact us today. We have multiple, convenient Whisper Hearing Center locations throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

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