Oticon Alta Hearing Aid

Oticon has gone above and beyond in the hearing care industry, manufacturing some of the best hearing aid products available including the Alta hearing aid. Do you often try to avoid certain environments like restaurants or sporting events because they are too noisy? If so, Alta may be the solution to your hearing loss problems. The Oticon Alta is a hearing device that allows users to hear more anywhere at any time, and we proudly offer this hearing device at all our Whisper Hearing Center locations.

Oticon Alta Hearing Aid

Alta is the ultimate hearing aid with some of the most advanced hearing aid technology that Oticon has ever put into a hearing device. Alta was designed for you, the hearing aid user. It takes away the frustrations that often accompany hearing loss so you do not have to work hard to hear anymore. Alta is your own personal hearing device with personal preference settings thanks to its powerful sound processing chip. This chip acts as a “micro-brain” and works with your brain to deliver personalized sound. This allows you to be able to differentiate important noises and background noise.

Alta Hearing Aids

Oticon Alta is made with Oticon hearing aid features like the Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound Premium, and Free Focus to create a life changing hearing aid device. Check out some of the features and benefits of the Oticon Alta hearing aid:

Speech Guard E: this technology allows for the best clarity in sound. It works like a shield to protect the clarity of speech even when in loud and distracting environments.

Spatial Sound Premium: this allows you to hear in 3-D, it is to your ears what 3-D glasses are to your eyes. Spatial Sound Premium allows you to follow conversations that come from different directions in a room. Now you can be fully involved in a group conversation without having to be directly in front of the person talking to you.

Free Focus: this technology will automatically select the best high performance directional mode for you. Oticon wanted to make sure that every user experienced the best natural quality sound and Free Focus helps make that happen.

Hearing Aid Style Options: Oticon Alta comes in various discrete designs and colors to fit your lifestyle. There are also custom fitting options available.

Let Alta make social events exciting again, allowing you can hear everyone and participate in conversation. See for yourself how Oticon Alta can change your life. You owe it to yourself to find out more about Alta. If you are interested in how Oticon Alta can give you your hearing back, contact the hearing care professionals of Whisper Hearing Center today. Multiple convenient locations in the Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area area.

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