Oticon Safari

Hearing aid instruments that help kids be kids!

Oticon Safari Hearing AidTo explore the world around them, connect with others and be as independent as possible: that’s what we all want for our kids. But for children with hearing loss, this goal can seem out of reach. The Oticon Safari hearing device can bridge the gap with advanced Oticon technology that makes it easier to hear and understand speech. So kids can hear more, understand more and reach out. And Safari’s connectivity features help kids keep up with the world of information and culture around them, inside the classroom and out. Designed to be kid-friendly, fun to wear and durable, Safari is the perfect companion for a lifetime of adventure.

For children and teens seeking to express their individuality, Safari offers 12 cool color options and fun stickers. Whether it is proud purple or brilliant blue that catches at child’s eye, the result is exactly the same: having the freedom to select and personalise their instruments gives them a sense of identity and ownership. This can motivate them to wear their instruments every day. Even young children are conscious of their appearance. With a broad selection of stickers they can express themselves, transforming their instruments to fit their mood, their favorite outfit or that special occasion.

Oticon Safari Style Options

The Oticon Safari family supports any age group from infant to teen, any hearing loss from mild to profound, and any price category. If you would like to learn more about the Oticon Safari hearing aid, contact us today to make an appointment with one of our friendly audiologists. Don’t forget! We have multiple convenient locations located throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.