Oticon Sensei

Introducing Oticon’s new hearing aid for children – Sensei – empowers children with hearing loss from infant to teenager with high speech understanding. Because every child is unique!

Oticon Sensei Hearing AidOticon Sensei is by far our most advanced pediatric hearing solution to date. So welcome to the next frontier of premium pediatric audiology. From ancient Japanese tradition we know a “Sensei” as a wise and strong mentor endeavoring high performance from his karate students. The English word “sense” also forms part of the name and suits a high performing product supporting one of our five senses: hearing. Sensei is built to guide children with hearing loss to create a better future.

High performance

Delivering high performance speech understanding even in complex environments, Sensei offers impressive flexibility in its adaptability to daily needs of every child with hearing loss.

Adapting to real life

Sensei has been developed to be extremely flexible. It can be adapted to provide optimized hearing for any child with hearing loss, whatever their day entails and in whatever environments they participate. Sensei’s flexibility makes fittings more efficient, which given the number of appointments children require, is highly advantageous.

Sensei Hearing Aid Colors


Features and Benefits of the Oticon Sensei Hearing Aid:

  • Speech Guard E: Delivers the natural sound information needed to improve speech understanding
  • SmartFit™ Trainer: Ensures earmolds are inserted correctly
  • VoicePriority: For shifting attention between speakers in noise
  • Inium feedback shield: Eliminates whistling and feedback
  • FM Compability Filter: FM transmitter and receiver in class
  • 10 KHz Bandwidth: Provides important speech cues and better spatial perception
  • FM Super Silencer: Hear the teacher’s voice in noise
  • Robustness: Built to withstand childhood
  • ConnectLine Compatible: Wireless access to TV and entertainment
  • Tristate Noise Management: Provide comfort in noisy situations
  • Water Resistant: Designed to repel water

Make an appointment to speak with one of our experienced audiologists and find out more about the Oticon Sensei hearing aid. We have multiple locations throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us today!