Sonic Innovations Bliss Hearing Aid

At Whisper Hearing, we strive to make our patients with hearing loss happy. That is why we offer quality hearing devices like Bliss made by Sonic Innovations. We know once you experience the incredibly natural sound, you’ll be ecstatic. The Sonic Bliss hearing aid is packed with technologies and features designed to let listeners focus on conversations and forget about hearing aid problems. With Bliss, effortless hearing has never sounded so good.

Sonic Innovations

Bliss provides a rich, natural quality to everyday sounds. Bliss makes people comfortable, confident, and able to enjoy the world around them. If you are missing out on conversations can mean missing out on life’s best moments, don’t worry. Bliss is designed to help improve the ability to understand speech, so listeners keep pace with the stories and personal moments that enrich their days. Bliss is also configured to provide hands-free operation in most listening situations. Featuring the latest in digital sound processing technologies, Bliss makes everyday conversations every bit enjoyable.

Features & Benefits of Sonic Bliss:

Speech Variable Processing preserves the soft and loud sounds that enhance overall speech clarity.

Bliss uses multiple systems – including our premium Speech Priority Noise Reduction – to reduce sounds that could be noisy distractions.

The sophisticated directional systems in Bliss allow you to focus on the important sounds happening in front of you.

Feedback is a thing of the past with Bliss. The Adaptive Feedback Canceller attacks feedback before it starts for squeal-free, easy listening.

Bliss comes ready to connect to nearly any external device including cell phones, television, digital music, PCs, and more.

Bliss is available in a variety of models to match your individual lifestyle and hearing needs (See Below). Contact us today and ask our hearing care professional which Bliss hearing aid product is right for you. We have multiple convenient locations throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Sonic Bliss Hearing Aid

Behind-the-Ear Styles

Sonic Bliss Hearing Aid

Canal Styles

Sonic Bliss Hearing Aid

Invisible-In-Canal Styles

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