Sonic Celebrate Hearing Aid

Suddenly everyday situations are more meaningful. More memorable. More joyful all around. Now hearing aid wearers can experience life with Celebrate, a new hearing aid from Sonic Innovations.

Sonic Celebrate Hearing Aids

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Some of life’s most delightful occasions are remarkably ordinary: A visitor at the door. A favorite movie on TV. A friend calling “just because.” With the Celebrate hearing aid, you won’t miss a beat. Containing a playlist of features that keeps sounds clear and natural, this family of hearing aid instruments can remind you that regular moments can be really special.

Celebrate is packed with features that let listeners focus on conversations and forget about hearing aid hassles:

  • Even small talk is a big thing
  • Speech has always been a priority at Sonic, and Celebrate makes no exception.
  • Speech Variable Processing preserves the soft nuances in spoken words for better understanding.
  • Speech Priority Noise Reduction works to separate speech from surrounding noise while the new Speech Priority Volume Control “turns up” the volume of the speech frequencies you may want to hear.
  • And new Reverb Reduction helps control the lingering “ring” that sounds can take on in large spaces like assembly halls or places of worship.

Make the Most of Every Environment

Celebrate includes features for every other type of venue, too. Environment Classification automatically analyzes incoming sounds binaurally* and adjusts the features and amplification to address that situation. Are you taking a trip? If so, the Airplane Environment setting specifically addresses the challenges of a noisy airplane cabin so you can enjoy the company of a companion or simply communicate with a flight attendant. You can even configure a Custom Environment with just the right features and amplification for any unique listening situation.

No Complaints About the Noise

The features in Celebrate practically tell distractions to “keep it down” so you can concentrate on what you want to hear. Sophisticated directional systems hone in on the source of a sound and help reduce unwanted noise while Impulse Noise Reduction suppresses unanticipated sounds like clinking silverware or jangling keys. Soft Noise Reduction minimizes background distractions like a whirring fan or humming refrigerator, and Wind Noise Reduction makes time outdoors more enjoyable. Since few noises are more distracting than feedback, hearing aid users will appreciate the Adaptive Feedback Canceller which removes offending signals and attacks feedback before it starts.

Celebrate Everyday Connectivity

Add accessories to the wireless compatible Celebrate hearing aid instruments and enjoy the connectivity conveniences that make today’s modern living fund and hassle free.

So Many Hearing Aid Styles

Celebrate caters to a variety of hearing needs with multiple behind-the-ear and custom models to match your individual preferences and hearing needs. Small and sophisticated or casual and easy-going, there’s a Celebrate to fit your daily life and individual hearing needs. Your hearing care professional can introduce you to all the available behind-the-ear (BTE) and custom Celebrate models. Chances are, there’s a fit that’s right for your level of hearing loss and everyday lifestyle.

Contact us today at Whisper Hearing to make an appointment to speak with one of our experienced hearing care professional. We are here to help you with all your hearing needs.