Sonic Endura Hearing Aid

Sonic EnduraIt used to be that severe hearing loss meant listeners had to sacrifice sound quality for power. Well not anymore. Endura is a “Super Power” BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aid that finally delivers high-level output as well as high-quality sound. Let us show you how you can have a powerful hearing experience with Endura – now available at Whisper Hearing Center!

Super Output

Not all Super Power BTE devices are equal. Unlike some BTE hearing aids that focus on just a few peak hearing frequencies, Endura delivers exceptional sound quality by providing much-needed amplification across all frequencies.

Super Sound

Receiving high-quality sounds can make a difference in your hearing experience. That’s why Endura isn’t just amplification; it’s a balanced hearing solution. With our sophisticated directionality and feedback control, Endura processes the most natural sounds possible, allowing you to hear what you need to hear.

Super Features

Sonic hasn’t forgotten your lifestyle, either. Endura comes in 6 different colors to create the look you want. The battery door and memory switch are designed for easy access and use. Endura even comes with integrated Direct Audio Input which makes it simple for you to connect a wireless FM receiver or even your favorite music playing device.

Features and Benefits of the Sonic Endura Hearing Aid:

  • Sonic Sound: The Sonic Sound platform mimics your ear’s natural abilities, detecting sound at different frequencies and levels. It then adjusts the sound appropriately for severe hearing loss.
  • Noise Reduction: The noise reduction solutions in Endura are specifically designed to improve speech understanding in noise. These systems constantly monitor sounds to separate steady-state background noise from modulated speech. If the system detects that there is more noise than speech, the noise reduction system engages.
  • Automatic Options and Alerts: The Universal listening environment in Endura automatically adjusts listening settings based on the sounds around you. There’s no pushing buttons for every situation. Sonic also makes wearing Endura hassle free by incorporating voice alerts in some models.
  • Hearing Aid Style Options: Endura is available in six colors, plus you can make a personal statement with customizable stick-on patterns. Talk to your hearing care professional to make Endura a powerfully positive solution for you.

Sonic Endura Hearing Aid Styles

If you are interested in the Sonic Endura hearing aid, contact Whisper Hearing Center today to speak with one of our experienced hearing aid audiologists! We have multiple convenient hearing center locations throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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