Sonic Flip Hearing Aid

Sonic Flip

Introducing the Flip hearing aid by Sonic Innovations! It is small and very easy to use, and it is designed for hearing aid users that have an active and energetic lifestyle. With Flip, you’ll enjoy clear and comfortable listening and advanced connectivity features, making it a very practical hearing aid option..

Sonic Flip Hearing AidPeople love that Flip is a small and discreet device. They also love that it’s smart. Flip is one of the most compact RIC (Receiver in the Canal) of its kind and is packed with a lot of hearing aid technology. Created specifically to adapt to today’s technologies, Flip is ready for nearly any digital audio device, including cell phones, landlines, television, digital music, PCs, and more. Flip helps you connect to them all.

While compact in size, Flip doesn’t short change any features. It also features an easy-to-use push button, accessible volume control and a long-lasting hearing aid battery. Other benefits and features of the Flip hearing aid device include:

  • Long-lasting battery: Flip uses a standard size 13 battery that not only lasts longer, but is also easier to handle than other smaller sizes
  • Fumble-free operation: Push buttons are simple to find and easy to use. A sizeable wheel makes volume control easy, and the battery compartment – you guessed it, flips right open.
  • Extra hearing power: With an optional power speaker unit, Flip can improve hearing even for people with severe loss.
  • Moisture resistant: Flip is robust enough for everyday activities, even when you work up a sweat.
  • Speech Variable Processing: With Speech Variable Processing, Flip processes all the sounds you hear, not just the softest ones. The result is natural sound and speech clarity.
  • Noise Reduction Systems: Flip uses multiple systems including our premium Speech Priority Noise Reduction which helps identify and reduce sounds that could be noisy distractions.
  • Directional Systems: The sophisticated directional systems in Flip keep unwanted noise at bay so you can stay engaged in your surroundings.
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller: Feedback is a thing of the past with Flip. The Adaptive Feedback Canceller attacks feedback before it starts for squeal-free, easy listening.
  • Connectivity: Using SoundGate, the audio from your mobile phone, TV, or other digital device streams directly to Flip.

Sonic Flip Hearing AidsWith four colors and a streamlined design, Flip has an understated style you’ll love. Flip is a mini-RIC, the smallest device of its kind. Flip helps you look your best by quietly blending in and letting your hear everything that is important to you.

If you are interested in the Sonic Flip hearing aid, contact Whisper Hearing Center today! Multiple convenient hearing center locations throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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