Sonic Innovations Charm Hearing Aid

Are you looking for a simple yet effective hearing aid solution? Charm is a mid-level hearing aid device made by Sonic Innovations. This device is designed to please users with just the right amount of essential hearing aid features and not necessarily for people who want every single bell and whistle. Charm provides rich, natural sound, noise reduction technologies, intuitive operation, and wireless connectivity that can make everyday sounds better.

Sonic Innovations Charm Hearing AidCharm is a winning combination of features and styles hearing aid users are looking for. Charm provides the features consumers value most at an affordable price in a solution that fits easily into any lifestyle. With Charm, you can benefit from a variety of advanced technologies that identify and reduce sounds when necessary. Some of those benefits and features include:

  • Speech Priority Noise Reduction works to separate speech from surrounding noise, making conversations comfortable and clear.
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller attacks feedback before it starts for squeal-free, easy listening.
  • Sophisticated Speech Variable Processing gives priority to speech sounds, preserving the nuances of speech to enhance overall speech clarity.
  • Bluetooth-compatible technology available in Charm enables users to easily connect through Soundgate to mobile phone conversations, MP3 music, and other external audio sources. With the addition of the TV Adapter, Soundgate transmits sounds directly to both hearing devices and the phone adapter allows Charm users to accept calls from landline phones. Soundgate also serves as a remote control to allow easy operation of programs and volume changes.

Charm is available in a full line of small, streamlined BTEs, miniBTEs, and other custom styles. The Charm miniBTE is designed to provide the right balance of style, size, and effortless functionality. For users who prefer an in-the-ear fit, Charm is available in a variety of other custom options.

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