Sonic Innovations Pep Hearing Aid

Are you getting ready to purchase your first hearing aid device? Pep is ideal for first-time hearing aid users who have basic hearing needs. It includes the latest digital technologies to improve overall hearing and increase your comfort. Plus, Pep is modern and stylish, not to mention discreet and easy to operate. Pep is a great first step towards a world of better hearing.

Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Pep gives you the important features that introduce you to hearing instruments and enjoy better hearing in comfort. Pep includes Speech Variable Processing technology that preserves the nuances of speech. Pep also introduces listeners to the advantages of noise reduction. You’ll be more comfortable in noisy situations. Many first-time hearing aid users are nervous about the whistling they associate with older devices. Pep incorporates Adaptive Feedback Canceller, a feedback cancelling system to help prevent squealing before it starts.

The Pep hearing aid is designed to easily fit into your active lifestyle. Models include a lightweight Behind-The-Ear (BTE) instrument with easy push-button operation. Pep also has discreet styles that are hardly noticeable to you or others (See Below). Pep BTE models have a sleek modern design, and all styles come in four different colors to blend in with your hair or skin.

Don’t be afraid of change. If you are looking for your first hearing aid, contact us today. The hearing care professionals at Whisper Hearing are here to help. We can help you decide what hearing aid solutions if best for you. We have multiple locations throughout California including Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area.

Behind the Ears (BTE)

Behind the Ears (BTE)

In the Canal Style Sonic Pep Hearing Aid

Canal Styles

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