Sonic ion Hearing Aids

Open your mind to a hearing experience from a tiny device that can deliver big results. Introducing ion, an Open Ear microBTE hearing aid from Sonic Innovations. This microBTE, ion offers superb comfort, cosmetic appeal, and excellent clarity. Sounds are natural and clear, keeping your everyday listening options wide open.

ionThe Sonic ion is very discreet; it’s practically invisible when you have it on. With an Open Ear hearing aid, the tiny, clear tube is very low profile and leaves your ear unobstructed. Plus, ion is a microBTE, the smallest class of behind-the-ear hearing instruments, and thanks to its scaled-down size, ion is inherently lightweight. It fits so easily behind the ear that many users forget they’re even wearing it.

Traditional hearing aids sit inside your ear, completely plugging up the ear canal. While these devices can be effective, to some people they feel unnatural and make them seem isolated from the world. Open Ear hearing aids, on the other hand, fit behind your ear to leave the ear canal completely open. Only a thin, clear tube extends to your canal, making these hearing aids practically invisible and the sounds of your environment completely natural.

Features and Benefits of the Sonic ion Hearing Aid:

  • The standard ion microBTE includes a clear thin tube and dome to fit a wide range of hearing loss. However, your hearing care professional can also easily reconfigure ion with a clear ear hook and a custom ear mold to provide you with the amplification you need.
  • ion is built with Sonic Sound, our technology platform designed to mimic the natural performance of your ear. Sonic Sound detects sound at different frequencies and levels, then adjusts the sound for your unique hearing loss.
  • Specialized noise reduction systems in ion make listening more pleasant. After all, you don’t want everything around you to be louder just the sounds and speech that are most important.
  • ion incorporates several directional technologies to improve hearing in noisy situations. Some ion models have automatic and adaptive directional options that provide hands-free operation in a wide variety of listening environments.
  • ion is ready for most listening situations thanks to its Universal listening environment. This feature automatically adjusts the settings of your instrument based on the sounds around you.
  • By using simple words and eliminating guesswork, Voice Alerts tell you what program you’re using and when the battery is low.
  • Already virtually invisible, ion practically disappears with seven colors designed to match most shades of skin or hair.

Sonic ion Hearing Aids

ion is available in two technology levels with options to create the ideal hearing solution for you. Talk to your hearing care professional to decide which ion technology level will open your options for enjoying the sounds of everyday life.

Sonic ion Hearing Aids

If you are interested in the Sonic ion hearing aid, contact Whisper Hearing Center today! We have multiple convenient hearing center locations throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. Remember, we are “HERE” to help you “HEAR!”

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