Dizziness & Balance Testing

Dizziness and Balance Tests by Hearing Experts

Balance is your body’s equilibrium or stability. Most of us take a healthy balance system for granted. When it breaks down, patients describe symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, or motion sickness.

Whisper Hearing’s audiologists offer dizziness and balance tests including an extensive vestibular (balance) system assessment to determine what may be contributing to symptoms of dizziness or disequilibrium.

For patients with the most common type of dizziness, positional vertigo, our audiologists provide on-the-spot treatment.

If you experience dizziness, you do not have to “learn to live with it.” There is a solution for everybody—often without requiring medication.

About Balance Disorders

Like the organ of hearing, your system of balance is located in your inner ear. It is the primary organ responsible for maintaining balance. 80% of complaints of dizziness originate in the inner ear.

An audiologist who specializes in dizziness and balance disorders is the most appropriate specialist to evaluate and manage dizziness.

A person experiencing dizziness can see as many as seven specialists before receiving an accurate diagnosis. Whisper Hearing Center audiologists can reduce that number by more than half! Our audiologists can determine whether dizziness needs attention by another specialist, such as a neurologist, otolaryngologist (ENT), cardiologist, or physical therapist.



Whisper Hearing Centers uses the most advanced equipment and technology to evaluate the balance system. We spend two hours with each patient—not 15 minutes, which is all that many other offices allow. Because we understand how dizziness can affect quality of life and the complexity of the diagnosis, we take a thorough case history.

Dizziness & Vertigo Treatment

Our audiologists can treat the most common type of dizziness—positional vertigo—right in our office.

If your audiologist cannot treat your dizziness, you will be referred to the most appropriate specialist for further evaluation and treatment.

If you are experiencing dizziness or balance problems, take the following steps:

  1. Talk to your doctor and follow his or her recommendations.
  2. Ask your doctor to refer you to Whisper Hearing Center for a dizziness and balance evaluation.
  3. Call or email our San Rafael or Oakland clinic to schedule an appointment.

Because dizziness can be associated with a more serious illness, we strongly recommend getting a referral from your doctor for a dizziness and balance evaluation. We will work closely with your doctor to make sure you get the best care possible.

Call us toll-free at 888-986-4327 to find out more information or to make an appointment for a dizziness and balance examination.

Whisper Hearing Center is Hearing and Balance Happiness!