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Professional Hearing Testing Services

Whisper Hearing Center offers the most advanced diagnostic hearing loss testing and treatment options available.

Our hearing care clinics utilize state-of-the-art equipment and sterilization procedures. We conduct hearing loss exams in rooms that exceed American National Standards Institute (ANSI S3.1.1991) standards for ambient noise.

Inside and outside our examination rooms, we’ve created a warm, comfortable atmosphere in all our clinics.

What is a Hearing Loss Examination?

A hearing loss examination tests your ability to hear sounds and speech. It provides the precise measurement of your hearing. A hearing aid salesperson or technician doesn’t have the training or experience to do this.

Whisper Hearing headshot 118During the hearing testing process, a licensed professional diagnose your type and degree of hearing loss and recommends a personalized treatment and management plan. This plan may include medical intervention and/or a prescription for hearing aids. The results of the test are recorded and graphed on an audiogram.

A comprehensive, professional hearing exam includes:

  • Otoscopic exam:  This is a visual inspection of the ear, ear canal, and eardrum.
  • Air conduction testing:   Pure tones of controlled intensity are delivered to one ear at a time.  You indicate when you hear a sound.
  • Bone conduction testing:  A bone oscillator is placed against the mastoid bone behind each ear to test how well the inner ear responds to sound.
  • Speech reception threshold:  This tests the lowest level of speech you can accurately hear.
  • Speech recognition ability:  This measures your ability to recognize words.
  • Speech recognition in the presence of noise:  This tests your ability to repeat sentences paired with different levels of background noise.

Please note that testing speech recognition in the presence of noise is often skipped by many hearing aid salespeople. It is an essential test for two reasons:

  • People with high frequency hearing loss may score well in a quiet environment but not in a noisy one.
  • The test is helpful in determining which hearing aid technology will work best.

Our hearing care clinic also offers these examinations and hearing testing services:

Tympanogram, Acoustic Reflex Thresholds, Acoustic Reflex Decay (Middle Ear Examination)

These tests evaluate the middle ear system. They help determine type of hearing loss and if  medical intervention is necessary.

Auditory Rehabilitation

We offer expert Instruction on improving your communication and listening skills with—or without—hearing devices

Cerumen (ear wax) Removal

We remove debris that may interfere in obtaining an accurate hearing measurement or degrade hearing aid performance.

Hearing Aid Demonstration

This is a great opportunity to “test drive” hearing aids and experience the amazing difference hearing aid technology can make. Bring someone whose voice you are accustomed to hearing  with you.

Hearing Aid Examination

We perfom some of the same hearing tests we did without hearing aids— this time with hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fitting

In this precise process, we custom program the hearing aids to maximize your benefit. During this process  a microphone in your ear measures sound levels at all pitches to define the benefit you are receiving. You can actually see how you hear. A fitting also includes instruction for caring  and maintening your hearing devices—and free follow-up fittings and instruction for the life of your hearing aids.

Learn more about our personalized hearing aid fittings.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) Testing

OAEs are low-level sounds produced by the inner ear. They typically occur in response to sound but may happen spontaneously. OAE testing works well for children and those who can’t respond reliably to conventional testing. It is usually done at the same time as a hearing evaluation. It can detect hearing changes before they appear on an audiogram. It helps determine the location of damage in the auditory system and also monitors slight hearing changes caused by medication or medical treatment.

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)  Evaluation

This is an assessment of the type, pitch and degree of tinnitus. We also evaluate the effect that tinnitus has on your quality of life.  We provide solutions to manage tinnitus and try to help reduce its negative impact.

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