Repairs & Service

Hearing Aid Repairs and Service

Hearing aids are exposed to moisture, wax, perspiration, and dust. It is normal for them to need service. The good news is that most hearing aid problems can be fixed.

The Whisper Hearing Center lab can address many of the most common issues including:

Hearing Aid Check and Cleaning

We change the tubing and filters, sanitize the hearing aid and earmold, change wax domes, and vacuum. If you purchased your hearing aid at Whisper Hearing Center, this service is free of charge. We recommend this service every six months

Hearing Aid Repairs

If we can’t repair your device, we send it to the manufacturer or a specialty lab. Prior to beginning work, we’ll tell you if the repair is covered under warranty and estimate the charges. Most companies warranty repairs for six months to a year.

For more information about our hearing aid services including hearing aid repairs, hearing aid cleanings, hearing aid adjustments and our hearing aid services agreement, call us toll-free at 888-986-4327. Let Whisper Hearing help YOU with your hearing aid problems!