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  • Fireworks Safety

    Hearing Safety with Fireworks

    The 4th of July is right around the corner and you know what that means, fireworks! Who doesn’t love sitting with their friends and family enjoying a beautiful firework show? The professional firework shows often leave us speechless and of course we all have our friends who enjoy putting on a backyard firework show. While […]

  • Do I need 2 hearing aids

    Do I need Two Hearing Aids?

    Hearing aids are an investment and for many, one they don’t take lightly. We understand that hearing aids can be expensive, so when you have one bad ear, and one okay ear, you may think you only need one hearing aid. This is almost never the case and it isn’t just because hearing specialists look […]

  • 3 Most Common Causes of a Reptured Eardrum

    3 Most Common Causes of a Reptured Eardrum

    The eardrum is a crucial part of hearing, which is why when it is damaged, you can suffer from hearing loss. This delicate part of the ear is a similar to a thin flap of skin that, similar to a drum, vibrates when noise hits it. This is how sounds travel through the ear and […]

  • New Hearing Loss Study

    New Study Shows Potential to Reverse Hearing Loss from Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is extremely hard on a person’s body and the unexpected side effects can be just as difficult. Hearing loss from chemotherapy is a known side effect, especially from the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin. This drug is toxic to the inner ear which is what leads to hearing loss and often tinnitus as well. One new […]

  • How Moisture Affects Hearing Aids

    How Moisture Can Affect Your Hearing Aid

    Hearing aids are your lifeline in times of need, like at work or crowded events. It is important to know if your hearing aid can withstand water or even slight moisture, as some models are not made to be water resistant. Moisture can easily damage a hearing aid if not properly taken care of in […]

  • Hearing Loss On the Rise

    Hearing Loss Expected to Rise, Why?

    It is no secret that hearing loss is on the rise. Today’s technology, while great, has also caused many issues with hearing health. Many children are using in-ear headphones from a young age daily, and they are listening to music way too loud. Not only has this led to the increase of hearing loss in […]

  • Shingles and Hearing Loss

    Shingles and Hearing Loss – What you Need to Know

    Shingles is a fairly common virus for anyone who has ever suffered from the chicken pox. The virus can reappear in older adults due to their weakened immune system, but it can appear in anyone. While doctors aren’t sure what causes shingles in some and not in others, they do know that shingle can have […]

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    How Exercising Your Brain Can Help With Tinnitus

    What if there was an exercise you could do to help your tinnitus, would you do it? For almost everyone who suffers from tinnitus the answer is yes. The painful ringing or buzzing noises are more than just annoying, they can be also disrupt your entire daily routine. In hopes to help find a better […]

  • Tips on How to Improve your Hearing

    How To Improve Your Hearing

    Most cases of hearing loss are permanent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t actively take steps towards protecting your hearing prior to changes in hearing ability. Believe it or not, you can improve your hearing in some cases! If you are looking for some easy, day-to-day tips on how to improve your hearing, here are […]

  • P127_Opn_miniRITE_L_C068RoyalBlue_Speaker60_OpenDome_101

    You’ve Lost Your Hearing Aid, Now What?

    The feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’ve lost something is absolutely dreadful. When it is your hearing aid that’s been lost the feeling can be even worse. It’s hard not to panic when your hearing device goes missing but if you know some steps to follow to retrace your path. If you […]

  • Can Anemia Cause Hearing Loss

    Can Anemia Cause Hearing Loss?

    If you’ve been asking yourself can anemia cause hearing loss, you’re not alone. Many people who are anemic experience some level of hearing impairment and it has been going unanswered as to why. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University’s College of Medicine are taking a deeper look at how anemia and hearing loss are connected. To […]

  • ringing-in-the-ears

    10 Interesting Facts About Tinnitus

    Not many people are familiar with that the very frustrating ringing or buzzing sound in your ears can be characterized as a condition known as Tinnitus? We realize there is a great deal of information about this specific topic. However, here are some of the most interesting facts about tinnitus to try to provide you […]