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  • Hearing Aid Battery Tips

    3 Hearing Aid Battery Tips

    Have you ever wondered if there were ways that you could make your hearing aid battery last longer? While there isn’t a trick to get more power than your battery has in it, you can follow a few helpful tips that will help you get the absolute most out of your hearing aid. Storing your […]

  • New Study Links Rheumatoid Arthritis to Hearing Loss in New Ways

    New Study Links Rheumatoid Arthritis to Hearing Loss in New Ways

    It isn’t a new theory that rheumatoid arthritis is somehow connected to hearing impairment. Rheumatoid arthritis, or commonly referred to as RA is believed to affect the ears in a few different ways. With up to 72% of people who suffer from RA, also suffering from hearing loss, it is no shock that researchers have […]

  • 3 Ways to Help Support a Friend with Hearing Loss

    3 Ways to Help Support a Friend with Hearing Loss

    Having hearing loss can make social settings frustrating because you are worried about not being able to understand the people around you. However, if the people around you know about your hearing loss and are aware of a few helpful communication tips, being out and about with friends can become light and easy again. So […]

  • Cancer Treatments and Effects on Hearing

    Cancer Treatments and Effects on Hearing

    Having to go through cancer treatments is never easy. Whether going through radiation or chemotherapy treatment, there are side effects that you and your doctor should discuss. One of the side effects that can come from commonly used cancer treatments is hearing loss. This hearing loss can be permanent or temporary depending how damaged the […]

  • Hearing Health and Retirement

    3 Reasons Why You Should Include Hearing Health In Your Retirement Plan

    Setting up your retirement plan is crucial to making sure you have the financial means to live comfortably when it comes time to retire from a full time job. Whether you set up a personal savings account or have an employee retirement fund, chances are you haven’t thought about what exactly that money will be […]

  • WHO

    World Health Organization Shares Facts on Preventing Childhood Hearing Loss

    The World Health Organization (WHO), a U.N. agency that works internationally within public health, recently released information on childhood hearing loss statistics and prevention tips. Hearing loss can affect the social life of anyone who suffers from it, causing social isolation and depression. However, it also poses a larger risk for children who are going […]

  • What To Do When You Lose Your Hearing Aid

    What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Hearing Aid

    You know the feeling, your heart starts to race, your palms get balmy, and you got into a panic; you lost your hearing aid. You aren’t the first person to experience this awful feeling and you won’t be the last. Knowing what to do when you’ve lost a hearing aid will help you stay calm […]

  • Hearing Loss and Lead Poisoning

    Hearing Loss from Lead Poisoning

    It is widely known that lead is extremely dangerous to the human body. It can cause symptoms that include hearing loss, delayed development, miscarriages, vomiting, kidney damage, nervous system damage, and more. While many people are aware that lead is not good for people, they are not always aware how it can permanently damaging the […]

  • Birth Weight Connected to Hearing Loss Later in Life

    Birth Weight Connected to Hearing Loss Later in Life

    Birth weight is an important part of a newborn’s vitals. Doctors pay close attention to birth weight as low birth weight can be associated with diabetes, Heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases later in life. It has also been associated with hearing loss and poor vision in adult life as well. These are […]

  • 5 Celebrities with Hearing Loss

    5 Celebrities with Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is often brushed under the rug by the media when covering celebrities or accomplishments of famous role models. However there are many celebrities with hearing loss that you may look up to, respect, or even envy. This just goes to show that hearing loss does not have to stop you from accomplishing your […]

  • Hearing Aid Battery Life

    How Long Does a Hearing Aid Battery Last?

    Hearing aid batteries used today are known as zinc-air batteries. They are activated as soon as they touch the air once a protective strip is removed. This is why hearing aid batteries should always be stored in a safe and dry place, so the protective strip does not get accidentally removed and drain the battery. […]

  • Black Friday and Hearing Loss

    How to Enjoy Black Friday Shopping with Hearing Loss

    Black Friday shopping always gets a little hectic. Between the crazy door buster deals and the long lines, it can be stressful for anyone looking to snag those amazing discounts. For anyone with hearing loss, it can be even more stressful to enjoy Black Friday shopping because it is hard to hear what is going […]