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  • 5 Celebrities with Hearing Loss

    5 Celebrities with Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is often brushed under the rug by the media when covering celebrities or accomplishments of famous role models. However there are many celebrities with hearing loss that you may look up to, respect, or even envy. This just goes to show that hearing loss does not have to stop you from accomplishing your […]

  • Hearing Aid Battery Life

    How Long Does a Hearing Aid Battery Last?

    Hearing aid batteries used today are known as zinc-air batteries. They are activated as soon as they touch the air once a protective strip is removed. This is why hearing aid batteries should always be stored in a safe and dry place, so the protective strip does not get accidentally removed and drain the battery. […]

  • Black Friday and Hearing Loss

    How to Enjoy Black Friday Shopping with Hearing Loss

    Black Friday shopping always gets a little hectic. Between the crazy door buster deals and the long lines, it can be stressful for anyone looking to snag those amazing discounts. For anyone with hearing loss, it can be even more stressful to enjoy Black Friday shopping because it is hard to hear what is going […]

  • Hearing New Study and Research

    New Study on Hearing Aids Preventing Cognitive Decline

    It is well established that hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline if left untreated. Untreated hearing loss can lead to additional stress and frustration, social isolation, and the brain getting used to not using itself to process sounds. At this point, cognitive decline is nearly impossible to defeat but, when a person uses hearing […]

  • 3 Common Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss

    3 Common Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss education is key to hearing loss prevention. If you are not aware that everyday habits that cause hearing loss, you cannot keep yourself out of harm’s way. The first step to treating hearing loss is preventing it when you can. Here are 3 habits that can cause hearing loss that you should be […]

  • Orion Hearing Aid

    Hearing Aid Battery Buying Guide

    Hearing aid batteries are an essential part of the hearing aid. Always being prepared with an extra for emergencies is one way to stay ahead of the stress of not being able to use your hearing aid. But what happens when you run low or run out if you are new to hearing aids? Trying […]

  • Unitron 360 Hearing Aids

    The Difference Between Hearing Aids and Personal Sound Amplifiers

    Have you ever found yourself getting sucked into TV infomercials, only to find out you’ve wasted an hour of your day learning about pointless products? We’ve all been there and maybe we’ve even been persuaded into making a purchase. Sometimes those purchases can be fun but depending on the product it can be a waste […]

  • Smartphones and Hearing Aid Devices

    What Smartphones are Hearing Aid Compatible?

    Smartphones and hearing aids are now compatible which is only helping to make more user friendly hearing aids and smartphones. The Federal Communications Commission demanded that cell phone companies must have cell phone options  that were user friendly for those with hearing aids. Since cell phone companies are always looking to have the next best […]

  • Hearing Loss Survey

    Survey Shows Seniors Often Ignore Hearing Loss

    Getting treatment for hearing loss as early as possible is one way to both prevent further damage to the ear and to prevent any secondary ailments associated with hearing loss. Despite this, many seniors ignore getting their hearing checked when they start feeling signs of hearing loss. A new study shows that this is the […]

  • Promoting Hearing Health at the Workplace

    Why Should Employers Promote Hearing Health?

    Hearing health should be a priority for any company or organization that offers employee benefits. It is common for larger companies to offer a benefits program that offers discounts on gym memberships or even has a program for discounted health insurance if you attend a gym. So Why isn’t this the case for those who […]

  • Reasons to Protect your Hearing: What’s Your Reason?

    5 Good Reasons to Protect Your Hearing & Treat Hearing Loss: What’s Your Reason? There’s a world full of reasons to protect your hearing and treat hearing loss. We came up with five. What’s your reason? 1) The Beatles: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – http://www.thebeatles.com/song/while-my-guitar-gently-weeps 2) The pitter-patter of rain to lull you to […]

  • iStock_000057143912_Full[1]

    When Dad Lost His Hearing

    The attached article from www.washingtonpost.com is author Charlotte Yeh’s personal account of her father’s hearing loss.  It’s a very good read.  After reading the article, Andrew Valla Au.D.  added an important recommendation: If one knows of or has hearing loss, the first step is to talk with their doctor and get a referral to an Audiologist! http://wapo.st/1CBxJX9