Why Choose Us


“Like falling madly in love – it’s all about the details.”

My Hearing. My Way.

Personalized Service

Why the Personal Touch? With a subject as sensitive as hearing, every part of your unique lifestyle comes into play. From the people and things you love to hear to the professionals who help you get more from your hearing experience. One solution doesn’t fit all. That’s why for over 10 years we’ve designed programs tailored to your hearing preferences in partnership with our trusted professionals.

The Best Hearing Care Professionals

Our hearing care professionals first obtain a thorough understanding of you and your hearing preferences. Next, they use cutting edge technology to ensure they have an accurate analysis of your hearing and have identified any issues that may require a medical referral and evaluation. Lastly they employ best practices and tailored precision fitting techniques to ensure you end up with the best result.

Up-to-date Solutions

Whisper Hearing Center provides custom-tailored solutions just right for your personal hearing experience. We focus on achieving the best solution to the unique way in which you want to hear. A solution based on your lifestyle, your hearing and your personal sound preferences.

With modern facilities and cutting-edge technology you know that you are getting a solution that is made for you. Because we have access to everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated solution and everything in between, you get the benefit of a solution that is just-right for you.

And we offer these extra services to fit your busy lifestyle:

  • Accessibility: telephone and email access to our team of professionals. Contact Us!
  • Daily walk-in hours for services like hearing aid cleaning, checks and minor repairs and adjustments.
  • Next business day test results and reports sent to referring physicians.
  • Health insurance billing services: We are providers for most insurance companies.
  • Batteries, wax guards and hearing aid accessories in stock in our clinics.